Dsmile Care Foundation

More Than a Smile

Our Mission

Dr Joseph Badr wants to change lives. The founder of d-spa, Australia’s first dental spa, Joseph is well known for pioneering impactful and innovative paths to better dental health.

In 2020 Joseph founded Dsmile Care Foundation while at home with his family during Covid as a way of supporting the 30% of Australians who go without regular dental care.

This not-for-profit initiative aligns with Joseph’s desire to give back to the community, by enabling better dental health practices and encouraging Australians to have a better awareness of their dental health.

Our Aims

Dsmile Care Foundation was established in 2020 with four key aims:

- To provide free online dental advice to any person that needs it
- To donate our dental products to people in need
- To provide educational programs through schools
- To provide pro bono dental work through our Dspa clinics and partner clinics

Since July 2020, over 45,000 people have accessed free online dental advice and over 3000 volunteer hours have been dedicated to the Foundation.

If you are a brand whose values align with ours and would be interested in partnering with us, please contact us partnerships@dsmilecare.com.au

Chat Now

As part of your Dsmile subscription, you have access to free online dental advice. Speak to our team of friendly dental professionals about your oral health concerns or Dsmile product questions.