Dsmile’s Interdental Range

The new range of Dsmile interdental brushes professionally developed by Periodontist Dr Simon Hinckfuss, aim to bring the benefits of interdental brushes while minimising their impact on the environment.

What are interdental brushes?

Interdental brushes are designed to effectively clean the spaces between teeth, removing plaque and debris that regular toothbrushes often miss. By incorporating these brushes into a daily oral care routine, you can experience more effective interdental cleaning and remarkable improvements in your gum health.

Why might you need to incorporate interdental brushes into your daily routine?

  • To thoroughly clean spaces between your teeth that floss cannot reach.
  • If you have wider spaces between your teeth.
  • To clean hard to reach areas such as braces, dental bridges, or implants.

How to use Dsmile interdental brushes

  • Remove cap
  • Bend wire at a 45 degree angle 
  • Place brush between the teeth at the gum line 
  • Gently move back and forth 
  • Rinse between use 
  • Use interdental brushes at least once a day
  • Interdental brushes should be replaced weekly