Floss - White

About the floss

Our floss dispenser is created with comfort and ease of use in mind, along with being kinder to the environment. 

It was designed to gently glide between your teeth and remove any debris and hidden plaque that can often be left behind after brushing. 

The floss is 50m in length which equates to a 3 month supply.


How to replace your floss reel

Our floss is housed in a reusable container which means that when you run out of floss, you only need to replace the floss reel/refill. 

To replace, simply hold your floss container with the steel cutter facing away from you and twist in that direction also. You will then be able to remove what’s left of your previous floss and replace it with your new one.


$14.00 AUD

  1. Remove approximately 30cms of floss from the reel and break off a section using the cutter.
  2. Wrap the floss around your middle fingers and hold tight.
  3. Use your thumb and index fingers to place the floss in between two teeth.
  4. Wipe one side of the tooth and then the other side creating a c shape with the floss.
  5. Move onto the next two teeth with an unused portion of the floss.
  6. You will need to unwrap and reposition floss around your fingers as you go.
  7. Discard used floss after use.

Polytetrafluorethylene, Paraffin, Mint leaf extract

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