Floss Refill

About the floss refill

Our floss refill was created to replenish your existing floss dispenser, and designed to gently glide between your teeth and remove any debris and hidden plaque that can often be left behind after brushing.


How to replace your floss reel

Our floss is housed in a reusable container which means that when you run out of floss, you only need to replace the floss reel/refill. 

To replace, simply hold your floss container with the steel cutter facing away from you and twist in that direction also. You will then be able to remove what’s left of your previous floss and replace it with your new one.

$8.00 AUD

  1. Twist and separate floss dispenser and remove remainder of the previous reel.
  2. Remove the new refill from the biodegradable wrapping by gently tearing apart.
  3. Attach the new reel to the part of the dispenser that does not have the cutter, with the free end of the floss pointing up towards opening, and thread through a 5cm piece.
  4. Return the two pieces of the floss dispenser and twist back together.
  5. Pull through enough floss and display in your bathroom on your bespoke Dsmile dish.

Polytetrafluorethylene, Paraffin, Mint leaf extract

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