Your Oral Health. The Bigger Picture.

Your oral health is sending you signals about your overall wellbeing, but are you listening?

Gum disease and tooth decay can be a clear indicator that your overall health may be suffering. New research from the Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) 2020 National Consumer Survey of around 25,000 people has found that we can be doing more to improve the health and hygiene of our mouths and as a result, our bodies will benefit.

Our mouths are the first part of our digestive system, and our gums are a gateway to our blood supply. Poor oral health allows destructive and inflammatory bacteria to enter our bloodstream, and digestive tract. 


"Studies suggest that untreated advanced gum disease can increase the chances of serious cardiac events, adverse pregnancy outcomes including prematurity, Type 2 diabetes and other significant health conditions,” said ADA Vice President Dr Steven Liew.


Diabetes Australia explains that the mouth is often overlooked as an area of the body with complications associated with diabetes and periodontal disease can cause chronic pain for individuals and long-term tooth loss due to the destruction of the bone and ligaments supporting the teeth in place.



Although this research may sound daunting, Dr. Joseph Badr wants people to know that optimal oral health is achievable at any stage of life. He developed an award-winning Dsmile daily dental kit to help make simple changes that will transform daily dental care into a ritual in 3 simple 


steps ; brush + floss + rinse, twice a day.  It’s the best way to care for your teeth and enhance your overall health and wellbeing with long term benefits.